Rudy Ruettiger: The Walk On  explores the real life of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, the inspiration behind the iconic sports film, Rudy. Directed by Emmy® Award Winning Director Nick Nanton, this documentary shares the true story of how Rudy Ruettiger overcame the odds by being accepted to the University of Notre Dame that ultimately led to the blockbuster movie. 

You'll see how Rudy continued to accomplish his dreams, by becoming a walk-on player for the football team, dressing for just one game his senior season, leading to an epic sack that has inspired generations of fans in the beloved sports movie. However, there was still so much of Rudy’s story to tell.
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About The Book
Emmy® Award-Winning Director and Producer Nick Nanton presents Rudy Ruettiger: The Walk On, using the full dialogue and cinematic images from the feature documentary film of the same title, to examine the Rudy story everyone knows and loves to provide further depth and detail about Rudy’s past struggles and triumphs at Notre Dame, as well as what it took to get that story onto film. 

Furthermore, Rudy Ruettiger: The Walk On elaborates on who Rudy has become and how he still serves as an inspiration today. Whether you’re looking for insider information on the actual story behind a favorite sports figure, or you’re hoping to find some continued inspiration in Rudy’s story, this tell-all has something special hidden amongst its pages for you.
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