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The Brian Tracy Story
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Early on in life, Brian Tracy fought through hard times and misfortune, but made the decision to use those experiences as positive life lessons, and embarked on his journey to success.  

Along the way, Brian discovered 7 Secrets of Success and has spent his life sharing those ideas with people all over the world. The enlightening documentary, Maximum Achievement: The Brian Tracy Story, reveals those 7 Secretes to Success, while highlighting the life and legend of one of the top Business and Personal Success Speakers of all time.
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BONUS 1: The 7 Maxims Of 
Maximum Achievement
Get the complete 7 Maxims of Maximum Achievement training which this movie is based on. This is an unreleased Brian Tracy seminar that encapsulates the 7 most powerful forces Brian has learned throughout his lifetime. ($497 Value)
BONUS 2: A Q&A Presentation With Brian Tracy And Nick Nanton
Director Nick Nanton held a private screening of Maximum Achievement for Brian Tracy, his family and the producers of the film in San Diego. It was the first time Brian ever saw the film for himself. Watch as Brian shares his thoughts and emotions and takes questions from the film's producers. 
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Nick Nanton has just produced a documentary on my life called “Maximum Achievement: The Brian Tracy Story” The filming and production of this movie was a remarkable experience, involving my family, friends and associates from all over the country, plus photos, interviews, videos and the active involvement of several co-producers.

The entire project, taking more than six months, was a work of art. Nick was thoroughly professional, as were his crew of professional camera men, sound and light experts, and prop managers for the multiple sets necessary to produce an extraordinary movie.

This is a production that I will have for life to remind me of my 73 year journey, how far I have come and how far I still can go. Thank you, Nick!

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