Emmy® Award Winning Producer Wants You To
Star In Your Own Financial TV Show
And Enter "The Golden Age Of Distribution"
"...it was always about me. Knowing that Greg and his team were behind me 100% and all I had to do was be me. They made me look great. I could not have had a better experience."
-Mark Gardner, Host, Your Money Matters
See Below For Everything That Is Included When You Sign Your Production And Distribution Deal With Ambitious TV
  • As a Network Partner on Ambitious TV, we will be working with you to create the first season, a full 10 episodes of your online TV show. This includes everything from the strategy, the planning, the design and what you are going to say in each of the episodes of your show. Each episode is 3-6 minutes in length, which is the length we have tested to have the most effectiveness on Facebook & YouTube.
  • Then we will welcome you into our Emmy® Award Winning Studios in Orlando, FL to film all 10 episodes in just 1-day. Our team will edit the footage for you and get you and your show ready for Prime Time, including your show intro, theme music, on screen graphics and more!
  • As a Network Partner, we will launch your show on the new Ambitious.com, as well as through our distribution network which includes The Ambitious TV YouTube account, The Ambitious TV Facebook page, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Smart TV’s and our iOS and Android Apps, putting your show on every platform and network that people are watching TV today. 
  • We will build a custom Ambitious Promotion Pack for you to use to tell everyone about your show. This Promotion Pack includes plug and play email templates to send to your email list, LinkedIn copy to paste into LinkedIn, social media banners to share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, banners and images to place on your website as well as direct mail letters and postcards to send in the mail to notify the people that matter to you about your new show. 
  • Our team will write and publish Press Releases for you when you sign your production deal as well as another Press Release when your show launches on the network
  • And we will be there every step of the way to help you create your show, distribute your show and help you to market your show so you fully take advantage of The Golden Age Of Distribution.
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"I’ve been working with Greg for a couple of years now and the experience only gets better. I’m fortunate enough to be able to call him a friend. If you have the opportunity to get involved with these amazing guys, don’t pass it up."
-Dr. Fred Rouse, Host, The Real Money Doctor Show
3 Huge Bonuses Worth $37,000
When You Become A Network Partner
Bonus #1: Film A Full 2nd Season Of Your TV Show ($10,000 Bonus)
  • Anytime during the first 12 months of working together, you are invited back to film a second season of your show - another 10 full episodes. This will give you 20 episodes of your show to put on Ambitious TV, use in your marketing and share with the world. 
  • This is a $10,000 real world value that is yours for free, as a bonus when you signup today. 
  • And not only will you get to film 2 seasons of your show this year, you will be grandfathered in as a Network Partner and we will film 2 seasons of your show every year for as long as you remain a Network Partner. This is just another way that we are going above and beyond for our partners like you
Bonus #2: Lock Out Your Local Competition With An Area Exclusive License
  • When you signup today, I will not accept any of your local competitors to be on the Ambitious TV network. You will lock them out and have all the attention on you.  
  • That means if you are in financial services in Jacksonville, FL, you will be the only financial services professional in Jacksonville, FL on our network. We won’t let another one inside the network as long as you are a partner in good standing.  
  • This is the ultimate marketing, branding and sales tool. It’s the biggest advantage you have. It’s a key to the Golden Age of Distribution and you will be the only one in your market with access to that key.  
  • $24,000 Value (this is the revenue we are passing up every time a competitor wants to join Ambitious TV)
Bonus #3: Your Own Branded Merchandise And Online Store
  • We are going to to develop custom branded merchandise for you and your show that we will help you to and sell inside our online storefront at Ambitious.com. Imagine taking your show title and graphics and putting it on coffee mugs, T-Shirts, iPhone cases, posters and more.
  • Our team builds the storefront, handles the printing and fulfillment and takes care of getting it to you or your customers for you. There are no minimum orders, no fulfillment or warehouse fees and no hosting fees for your store. We take care of it all (even sending you a check for any profits your store brings in). 
  • The Bonus is valued at $3,000
Get Started Today For Only $2,000 Per Month
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